Sharing custom components

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Sharing custom components

Hi Team


By following Some wrong window

i have installed one custom component (tRedirectOutput) by placing it in the following path



By default this path includes all the predefined components


After installing custom component  all my other jobs are failing with error in all components stating 


Detail Message: outtFileOutputDelimited_1 cannot be resolved

There may be some other errors caused by JVM compatibility. Make sure your JVM setup is similar to the studio.      at org.talend.designer.runprocess.JobErrorsChecker.checkLastGenerationHasCompilationError(            at org.talend.designer.runprocess.DefaultRunProcessService.checkLastGenerationHasCompilationError(


How can i fix this this issue

It is affect all other  jobs.








Re: Sharing custom components

1) Close your studio.

2) Delete the folder tRedirectOutput which contains the component files.  Delete the complete folder.

3) Delete the folder org.eclipse.osgi from the studio\configuration folder.

4) Start the studio and change the workspace of your connection to a new folder.  Allow the studio to generate all the initialisation files.

5) Create new project and import your jobs from the old workspace through Import Items menu.

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Re: Sharing custom components


Please create a new workspace and import the project again.