Sharing custom components


When working on a remote project, if a Talend Studio has custom components installed and in use in one or more Jobs, other Talend Studio instances connecting to the same remote project must also have the same custom components installed. This is necessary to ensure that the Jobs can be opened properly. Without the necessary custom components, you will receive a warning message "Some components are not loaded" when you open a Job using a custom component that has not been installed on the system you are using to open the Job.


Talend Studio provides the ability to automatically install custom components. If you install custom components and share them in Talend Studio manually, subsequent connections to the same remote project by other Talend Studio instances will automatically detect and install custom components.



Talend is compatible with all versions of Talend subscription product.



This article explains how to install a custom component, share it in Talend Studio, then create a Job with the custom component. Finally, you will open the Job in another Talend Studio instance and check that the custom component has been installed automatically and the Job opened without warnings or errors.


Install custom components

Download the popular custom component called tFileOutputPDF from TalendForge Exchange and install it into a Talend Studio. Please refer to Installing a custom component page to learn about how to install a custom component.


Create an example Job

  1. After finishing the custom component installation, launch Talend Studio and connect to a remote project. For example, P1 in this case:


  2. Create an example Job called SharingCustomComponent, which contains a custom component tFileOutputPDF. You don't need to run the Job, for this example the objective is just to verify that the Job that contains custom components can be opened properly in another Talend Studio instance.

    The detailed Job settings are as follows:



  3. Finally, save the Job and close it.


Share custom components

To share the custom components installed in this Talend Studio, follow these steps:

  1. Click Project settings in the toolbar.


  2. Click the Custom component tab.


  3. Select custom components in the Custom Components list and move them to the Shared Components list.


  4. Click OK.


Open the example Job in another Talend Studio instance

Simulate another designer opening the same project by following these steps:

  1. Launch another instance of Talend Studio and connect to the same remote project.


    During the startup progress, Talend Studio will automatically detect the custom components from the remote SVN repository and install them locally.

  2. Open the example Job SharingCustomComponent and see that you don't have the warning message "Some components are not loaded", meaning the custom components are installed in this Talend Studio.


The custom components are installed into the local directory:

Talend Studio_installation_path\plugins\org.talend.designer.components.localprovider_5.1.1.r84309\components\ext.

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