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Setting up context variable for tForEach Component

I have a tForEach component as a part of my talend project, which iterates a particular transformation for different states of a country. I want to set up the list of these states as a context variable so that each time I want to use a set of different combinations of the number of states. Is this possible?
Ex: I have 10 states in the tForEach component. For testing purpose, I want to use only 3 states to be processed. If it is not a context variable, everytime the list of states in the component needs to be updated on the job and re exported. I do not want to do that each time. Rather, I would like to set the list as a part of contexts and update the list according to requirement.
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Re: Setting up context variable for tForEach Component

The code of tForEach is as seen below.
Object[] values_tForeach_1 = new Object[] { "newLine", };
for (Object tmp_tForeach_1 : values_tForeach_1)

I don't think you can use a context variable here which contains 10 or 3 states name.
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Re: Setting up context variable for tForEach Component

Maybe you don't need tForEach component, you can set the value of context variable with more states delimited by a syntax, for example, "state1,state2,state3,state4", and then use a tNormalize component to normalize the column to more columns with item separator "," for example,
and then, iterate each row. The job design looks like:
tFixedFlowInput--main--tNormalize--main--tFlowToIterate--iterate--the rest of the job.
on tFixedFlowInput, add one column let's call it "states", set its value with context variable.
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Re: Setting up context variable for tForEach Component

Thanks Pedro and Shong.
@ Shong:
I will try doing as said. So, all I need to do here is not to disturb any other existing component, but set up a context variable for how many ever states I want to use and replace tForEach with a tNormalize component and set up the column name to be normalized with item separator ",". Is that right?
One quick clarification: Does this column name that we use in "Column to normalize" has to do with any particular field of a database table or how and where do we initialize/declare and map that column name to?