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Setting project-wide JVM arguments

I'm looking to set a JVM argument for an entire project rather than having to input it into every single job. 
For example, I set the user-agent for HTTP requests to be a mobile phone using -Dhttp.agent.  This works fine when I add the argument from the Advanced Settings in each job.  But when I go to File > Edit Project properties > Build > Shell Setting > Bat and add the argument in manually, it seems to ignore it even after I restart Open Studio.  
I also tried editing the JRE Default VM arguments in Window > Preferences > Java > Installed JREs, but again it seems to just be ignored.  
Where can I change the JVM arguments on a project-wide scale?  Surely there's a place to do this.
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Re: Setting project-wide JVM arguments

The only settings which have some effect are in the advanced settings in the Run view. And there is currently no way to set this settings for a number of jobs at once.