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SetElementProperty function in Data Mapper

I'm trying to use the function SetElementProperty in data mapper (Talend MDM Platform 6.1.1).
But it fails with error:
Overall: Fatal
1: Fatal - An unexpected exception occurred. (306)
  Exception: com.oaklandsw.util.ImpossibleException: Thread XQuery code gen on undefined func: SetElementProperty
at com.oaklandsw.util.Util.impossible(
at com.oaklandsw.util.Util.impossible(
at com.oaklandsw.transform.codegen.xquery.XQueryCodeGenGenFunc.generateText(
at com.oaklandsw.transform.codegen.CodeGenGenExprImpl.generateExprText(
at com.oaklandsw.transform.codegen.CodeGenGenExprImpl.generateText(
at com.oaklandsw.transform.codegen.xquery.XQueryCodeGenMapElemNodeImpl.generateSubclass(
at com.oaklandsw.transform.codegen.CodeGenBaseNodeImpl.generate(
at com.oaklandsw.transform.codegen.CodeGenBaseNodeImpl.generateChildren(
at com.oaklandsw.transform.codegen.CodeGenBaseNodeImpl.generate(
at com.oaklandsw.transform.runtime.AbstractAdaptorImpl.callCodeGenGenerate(
at com.oaklandsw.transform.runtime.AbstractAdaptorImpl.generate(
at com.oaklandsw.transform.runtime.xquery.XQueryAdaptorImpl.compile(
at com.oaklandsw.transform.runtime.StandardMapRuntimeImpl.compile(
at com.oaklandsw.transform.runtime.StandardMapRuntimeImpl.runSubclass(
at com.oaklandsw.transform.runtime.MapRuntimeImpl$
at com.oaklandsw.transform.runtime.RuntimeEngineImpl.runSansEditor(
at com.oaklandsw.transform.runtime.MapRuntimeImpl.runMap(
at com.oaklandsw.transform.editor.AbstractEditorContributor$
at com.oaklandsw.gui.AppEditorImpl$
at org.eclipse.jface.operation.ModalContext$

2: Info - Executing map. (328)
  Map: /EAI/Maps/TEST/TEST_CSV_2_CSV  Properties: {}

I assigned this expression in the util tab of my loop element to limit the number of loop to 1:
Does anybody use this function properly ? If yes, is there Something wrong with my use case ?
Here are map, structure and test file:

Re: SetElementProperty function in Data Mapper

Hi talend.armor,
Have you already reported a ticket on Talend Support Portal for your Talend MDM Platform 6.1.1 product? In this way, we can give  you  a remote assistance on your issue through support cycle with priority.
Best regards
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Re: SetElementProperty function in Data Mapper

Hi Sabrina,
Yes, I opened a case.