Session not found issue

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Session not found issue

Hi there!


I'm having the following issue in my Talend plataform, which is this pop-up that appears from time to time meanwhile i'm developing.




When I click on "Yes" nothing happens and I can continue working, but when i hit the "No" option, the plataform resets as a "Read only mode" in which I can't edit the jobs that I'm currently using, causing me to reboot the plataform and start all over again.


I'm wondering if this problems has ever happend to any of you? And what could be the possible reason for that pop-up to come, which is constantly showing up time after time. 


Maybe it is a plataform issue or it has to be with my local network that needs that reconnection? Idk. I hope that someone can help with this issue.






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Re: Session not found issue

Got the same issue depending on the network I'm connected to.

It seems that network cuts are the reason.

Automatic reconnection should be great.

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Re: Session not found issue

Same here. On 7.1.1.

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Re: Session not found issue

Same with Version 7.2.1 after installing the newest Version the error is still there

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Re: Session not found issue

Same happens here with my team, with version 7.1.1  and 7.2.1


that's an annoying pop-up because if you miss the "yes" option, all the work you did and didn't save is lost!


So, Dunno if there is any solution to this. 



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Re: Session not found issue

Looks like this issue is been here for long across all Talend Studio versions.

I am having same issue with TS 7.2.1, the window keeps popping up every 2-3 minutes. Until you press yes, the background processing stopped and waiting for session to re-connect.


Does anyone get any answers from Talend Support team how to resolve this issue?

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Re: Session not found issue

It stops you saving work.  You can't even save an offline version of the work you have in the designer.  Very annoying.  What I don't get is even if you say Yes to reconnect, it doesn't reconnect and throws an error saying it cannot reconnect.  So you lose your work anyway.


The ability to save an offline version of a job in this situation would be very handy. Only way to be able to use studio again is to close and re-open, or switch project and go back in.  But you still lose all your work. Smiley Sad


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