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Server response (code failed)

Hi Friends,

I got the server response which is "code failed" in my response body, even I m getting 200 status code from the server.  So is this possible to server-side issue?? I shown below is my response from the server.


"error": {
"code": "failed",
"message": "{"userEvent":null,"internalId":null,"code":"SSS_RECORD_TYPE_MISMATCH","details":"The record you are attempting to load has a different type: assemblyitem from the type specified: kititem.","stackTrace":{"[Ljava.lang.String;":["nlapiLoadRecord(irms_integration_rl.js$1486733:357)","getRecord(irms_integration_rl.js$1486733:24)","restletwrapper(null:4)","<anonymous>(irms_integration_rl.js$1486733:1153)"]},"type":"nlobjError","suppressNotification":false}"