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Server Sizing for Talend.

We have a live portal that needs to use Talend for data integration purpose (Enterprise Edition).
Since, we are new to Talend, we have certain queries related to server sizing of Talend Enterprise Data Integration.
1. Should separate instance be created for Dev/QA/UAT/Production?
2. What is the impact if Dev and QA are hosted on the same instance?
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Re: Server Sizing for Talend.

Hi Divya,
As far as sizing is concerned, just check out
More specifically, to 1.:
There are various ways of working depending on how many job developers you have and how often you need to migrate a job from one status to another.
You can define the "status" field as a closed to force developers to use one of the status defined :
All jobs are thus centralized in one project, but their status define them and you can filter them by status:
Or you can have separate projects for each status (Dev/QA...) and use the SVN Branch/Tag system to move groups of Jobs (within one projects) from one status to another:
Regarding question 2.: not sure how to answer this question. Let me seek advice and I'll get back to you asap.
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Re: Server Sizing for Talend.

Thanks Elisa. It was really helpful.
I will be waiting for your response on the second question:
"Is there any impact if we have one common instance for QA and Dev?"
Divya Jain