Sending and receiving data to and fro from a html webpage

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Sending and receiving data to and fro from a html webpage



I have a html webpage that is currently loading data when reading some json input. However, I really need to know how I can send a json document from Talend to the webpage, where the javaScript code of the html webpage can process it and provide my visualizations accordingly? Also, please tell me how I can run a talend job whenever I refresh the webpage?


To provide a summary of the application, the application is an html web application in the form of a dashboard coded using d3.js, dc.js, and some other visualization and scripting javaScript libraries. The web application must read in a json document, parse the json and provide the according charts and visualizations for my dashboard. Now whenever, I refresh the webpage, it should run the talend job to pull the data from the Oracle db, convert the data into json format, store it in the form of a document, and push this document back to my web application which will then process it using its javaScript and create the according visualizations. Please tell me how I can do mainly the two questions described above as soon as possible.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Re: Sending and receiving data to and fro from a html webpage


You could use tRestClient to send json via a REST request on talend.

Please refer to this component reference about:

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