Send email if an input file as not arrived

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Send email if an input file as not arrived

Hi there,


I am trying to implement the following


Read files from tList by name

eg: file_20150601.txt, file_20150602.txt, file_20150603. 

If an incremental file is missing from the list, the job will load until the previous file and wait for next input file. 


Eg : If the folder only had two files, file_20150601.txt, file_20150603 my job will go to tWaitforFile file_20150602.txt after loading file_20150601.txt. 


I have everything working until that point. However, I want to send email after every iteration of tWaitForFile that the expected file is not available in the directory. How can I achieve that?


My Current tfile setting is attached. I have a tsendMail , after this, however it is only sending one email -after all iterations are completed. 



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Re: Send email if an input file as not arrived

tWaitForFile terminates when the condition is completed.
So you should change your job as:
tLoop--tFileExists--(if no)--tSendMail--tSleep
+-(if yes)--tSetGlobalVar

The while condition is based on a global variable (lets say "done") setted to the appropriate value (for example true) when the file is detected


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