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Send List Webservice Rest



This is how I send the data : 




This is how I receive the data :



picture 2 :




This is how I would like to receive the data, inside an array with the  [    ]


  • {"root":{"list":[{"facturacion":"8.50","nmaquina":"2003015","servicios":"14.29","ubicacion":"ANDEN","ultimoarticulo":"AGUA"}] }}


When I have more than one row to send, the webservice send the data using an array with the [    ]  . But when I have only one row to send the webservice is sending them without using an array just like picture 2. I want to have the data inside [    ] even if I have only one element to send.

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Re: Send List Webservice Rest

It seems to be an issue from 2013, I found this topic :


This is exactly what happens to me :




Re: Send List Webservice Rest


Here is the related jira issue mentioned in this referenced topic.

Could you please take a look at tRESTResponse and tRESTClient components which can use XML to JSON auto-conversion feature?

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