Salesforce to Salesforce Transfer Records

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Salesforce to Salesforce Transfer Records

Hi Community,

I am working on a process in Talend Open Studio for Big Data that will transfer a set of records into another Salesforce org. I then want it to go back to the original Salesforce org and update the successful records statuses to "transmitted". 

The problem is when there are errors. If one of the records fails to insert into Delphi, the job stops and won't update anything. If I turn off "cease on error" it will update all the record's statuses (even failed ones). 

Any ideas on how I can have the process only update the successfully inserted records status? Thanks in advance! 


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Re: Salesforce to Salesforce Transfer Records

Right click on tSalesforceOutput component to catch Main flow (inserted records) and memorize inserted records into a tHashOutput.

After the tFileInputExcel, add a tMap with a lookup with inner join based on the inserted records (using tHashInput associated to the previous tHashOutput).

This will give you the list of source records to be updated.

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Re: Salesforce to Salesforce Transfer Records

Thank you for your reply!

I added what you recommended, but it appears to be sending all records (both inserted success and fails) to the tHashOutput. 


Any ideas? 

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Re: Salesforce to Salesforce Transfer Records

Well, I didn't try...

Use Reject link instead of main then reverse the logic in tMap (set "Catch lookup inner join reject" to true for tMap output flow).

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Re: Salesforce to Salesforce Transfer Records

Hello @sflknight


A record owner, or any user above the owner in the role or territory hierarchy, can transfer a salesforce single record to another user.


  1. Transfer multiple records by selecting the records from a list view and clicking Change Owner
  2. Transfer multiple records using the Mass Transfer tool

Users with the “Modify All Data” permission, or users with the “Modify All” permission for the given object, can transfer any record, regardless of who owns the record.


Hope it helps you.


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