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Salesforce to Amazon Redshift - Only 2.5 rows/s?

I'm currently syncing up various salesforce objects with my redshift cluster. I am currently just doing accounts and only getting ~2.5 rows/s. 
I am not linking all columns only about 20 but still if I need to do this for all of my objects in salesforce it would take forever. Additionally doing a daily update of records would be troublesome as well. 
The current linkage is: tSalesforceInput > tMap > tRedshiftOutput
My output is set to "action on table: drop and create table" (this is the only way I got it to work... not sure why create table did not) and "action on data: insert or update". 
I am trying to get all of my objects into my redshift db before I start setting up regular update queries but I was quite surprised at this speed. Any tips or help would be greatly appreciated. 
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Re: Salesforce to Amazon Redshift - Only 2.5 rows/s?

Is there a faster way to do the initial upload of all salesforce data into redshift?