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Salesforce - tSalesforceInput not able to get some fields in TOS 6.3.0

I'm doing an upgrade of my TOS jobs that are connecting to SFDC (since SFDC will not allow connection using TLS 1.0 from March 2017). I think that I have identify a regression on that tSalesforceInput component.
I migrated my whole project from TOS 5.6.2 to TOS 6.3.0 and ran them, just to make sure everything is fine.
All of them are running fine exepting 2 that are querying Task and LiveAgentSession objects. When the job is reaching the tSalesforceInput component, it crashes and throw that error message: 
stateMessage='InvalidBatch : Failed to process query: INVALID_FIELD:  NumFlagLoweredAgent^ ERROR at Row:1:Column:175 No such column 'NumFlagLoweredAgent' on entity 'LiveAgentSession'

So far, I have identified that it is occuring for the following fields:
NumFlagLoweredAgent on LiveAgentSession object
> TaskSubType on Task object
That error message is usually thrown when you try to query a new standard field and you are not running on the last API version. This not the case here since I am running on API 37.0. I evidently checked the field level security on this field in SFDC, and I can see the fields. I also run the very same query both in Workbench and Force.CLI, using the bulk mode, I am able to get a file.
Another proof that leads to me to a regression, is that the very same job, works fine on TOS 5.6.2 while it crashes on TOS 6.3.0. 
Here is a set of screenshot to illustrate the following.
Working tSalesforceInput - TOS 5.6.2

Crashing tSalesforceInput - TOS 6.3.0 and 6.2.1

Am I the only one to face that issue?
Does anyone already patched that?
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Re: Salesforce - tSalesforceInput not able to get some fields in TOS 6.3.0

Here a quick update, I have identified that following fields on LiveAgentSession object are not accessible through the tSalesforceInput:


In order to not freeze the upgrade I'm performing now, I will just blank these fields.