Salesforce automated syncing with MySQL

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Salesforce automated syncing with MySQL

Hi all,
I haven't play around with Talend yet, but noticed a lot of you are using it for Salesforce integration.
So, I would like know if there is away to do like a time-base sync with salesforce? or its one of those I have to do manually?
Also, when Talend makes a call to Saelsforce is it based on the 200 per call API limit that salesforce has or its another method that allows you to bypass that limitation ?
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Re: Salesforce automated syncing with MySQL

Welcome to Talend Community!
Yes. You can make synchronization between salesforce and mysql.
For Talend Integration Suite(Commercial version), Talend Administration Center is available with which you can trigger your Talend syncing jobs automatically and regularly.
For Talend Open Studio(Community version), you have to do this manually.
Besides, the method talend uses for query is com.salesforce.soap.partner.SforceServiceStub.query().
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Re: Salesforce automated syncing with MySQL

I am new to Talend & I am migrating data from Mysql to salesforce. I have played around few stuffs like I have successfully inserted data to few salesforce objects from one mysql table but now I need to push data into one of my custom Object from two different mysql tables(I need to merge these 2 mysql tables to my sf object). For this, I have inserted first table into the object and again retrieved those inserted data, now I wish to update the data I retrieved with the data in my second mysql table. Can anyone suggest me how should I update my object with data in second table. I have also created a lookup of my previous file on tMap. Any help will be highly appreciated Smiley Happy

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