Salesforce SAML Single Sign On

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Salesforce SAML Single Sign On

Has anyone successfully used SAML single sign on account to connect to salesforce?  I'm not sure how to make this work.


I don't have admin access to salesforce so I cannot create an account without SSO and I cannot add an OAuth App.


I have no trouble connecting to a sandbox I have admin access to.

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Re: Salesforce SAML Single Sign On


If you know what to do to work on a sandbox, you just have to copy your confirguration to the production environment.

This requires an admin access, so you need one (as I know).

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Re: Salesforce SAML Single Sign On



Thanks but that's not terribly helpful.  Our corporate overlords do want to give our division admin access to just create a basic user account to connect with.  So I'm stuck trying to connect with my user account.  But I can't get authenticated with the SAML SSO. 


Is that possible in Talend? 

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