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Salesforce - Generating schemas?

I have done a ton of reading, both through the user manual, on the forums, and google, and I just can't seem to get a good answer on how I generate schemas for my salesforce custom objects automatically.
In the user guide it says " In the Repository tree view, right-click the Salesforce tree node, and select Create Salesforce schema
on the pop-up menu. Then proceed the same way as for any other metadata connection."
The problem is, When i right-click the salesforce tree node, I see "Create salesforce connection". After I create the connection I can right click on the connection and I see "Retrieve salesforce modules" but doing this yields a blank page.
Can someone please tell me how, with the latest version of Talend Open Studio (4.2.2.r63143) I generate a proper schema for my custom objects? Is this something I'm supposed to do manually, or is there some automated way of doing it?
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Re: Salesforce - Generating schemas?

Just an update... I finally figured this out. Not quite sure what the issue was, but I reset the password of the user I am using, and I was able to get the retrieve modules dialog to work. FWIW, I don't need a security token either, because our IP's are whitelisted on salesforce.