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Salesforce Assignment Rules - tSalesforceOutput

I am loading data into Salesforce through the tSalesforceOutput component into the SFDC Cases object.
We have assignment rules defined that are required to run when the data is loaded through the API. 
With the Salesforce dataloader, these rules can be triggered by setting the Assignment rule ID, so that the rules run when the data is loaded through the Salesforce API.
I have not seen any Assignment ID on the tSalesforceOutput component. This is using TOS 6.0.1.
How do we trigger these rules when we are using Talend to load data?
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Re: Salesforce Assignment Rules - tSalesforceOutput

Marc, good question. I haven't this seen this requirement before, I checked the component tSalesforceOutput , effectively it doesn't have a custom code that you can add in the query.
Usually I use rules in Salesforce on "UPDATE" or "INSERT" so they apply automatically when you insert your data in Salesforce.
a workaround for this, is to create a custom field that have a specific value for the loading via Talend ( or DataLoader ) and so you change your rule to apply for this rows with this specific value, even though this is overriding  the rules which is not great ...