SalesForce TLS1.2, Talend 5.6 and Java 7

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SalesForce TLS1.2, Talend 5.6 and Java 7

In June of 2016 SalesForce will no longer support TLS1.0. I have confirmed that Talend 6 using Java 8 can successfully connect to SalesForce using TLS1.2 however we have another module (an ODBC driver) that requires the use of Java 7.
It should be possible to force Java 7 to use TLS1.2 by either adding a tJava component with the following code:

System.setProperty(“https.protocols”, “TLSv1.2”);

or adding the following to the Advanced settings on the run tab's, 'Use specific JVM arguments':
I have tried both (and more) and am not able to establish a TLS1.2 connection between Talend5.6/Java 7 and Salesforce (using their TLS Test app at https: / /
There are other thread where people are able to force Java7 to use TLS when using the tSOAP component. This leads me to believe that the tSalesForceConnection, tSalesForceInput and tSalesForceOutput have the TLS version hardcoded in them.
Can someone from Talend confirm that to be the case OR explain why using the System.setProperty doesn't work?

Re: SalesForce TLS1.2, Talend 5.6 and Java 7

We have fixed the issues for 5.6.3. See
See our announcement of the new release here.
Thomas Steinborn
VP Product Management
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Re: SalesForce TLS1.2, Talend 5.6 and Java 7

Updating to Java 8 is not an option for my organization. Is there a workaround to get Talend to utilize TLS1.2?
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Re: SalesForce TLS1.2, Talend 5.6 and Java 7

Hello have you find a solution to this problem.
I am facing the same problem. I cant't use a java8 I must stay  in java7

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