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SafetySwitch property :

When my job try to "parse" a tFileInputPositionnal" I've got this :
Maximum row record length of 100,000 exceeded in row in record 0. Set the safetySwitch property to false if you're expecting row record lengths greater than 100,000 characters to avoid this error.

but where can I set this value in Talend !?
In the advanced settings !?
and how !?
thanks for your help
Edit :
Hum .... in fact I'd put "/n" in place of "\n" for the return carriage pattern ... <shame on me !!!>
But my question 's still , because it could be helpfully one day .
I've seen this topic
about the same exception message

Re: SafetySwitch property :

Looks like nobody have tried the tFileInputPositional with such long rows.
You're right, we should add an advanced setting in the component for such cases.
See 5504
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Re: SafetySwitch property :

thanks for that ...
more I use Talend , more i enjoy ... even if sometimes it make me crazy (lol)