SVN on Talend Enterprise

what i am trying to understand these aspects:
- it seems that TAC can only manage access to SVN project if every user has the DEFAULT SVN details.
which i do not want to use, as i need to have a Data Quality Team/Person to validate the work before it is accepted in Trunk.
will TAC manage the permissions on SVN,
OR will it be a separated task?

- does TAC copy permissions of a project, when duplicating it?

Talend documentation tells me what each data item in the various forms are for - SVN_User => usename to login into SVN ... .
but it does not tell me how the various parts interact when using different parameters.
I have come to use the commercial version Talend just recently and i am going through a steep learning curve with their offering, and documentation.
maybe someone with greater experience of doing things on the Talend way may be able to assist me here.
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Re: SVN on Talend Enterprise

The only thing what the TAC does is to give the studio the credentials and the URL to the SVN server. The TAC does not manage anything in a SVN server at all.
The studio has an built-in SVN client and communicate with SVN without the TAC as man-in-the-middle.
I agree with you, that studio should not commit every save and should instead help the user to see what commits are left to do after the developer has completed an minimum of tests but for sure not after simply saving the job.
You can use the branch capabilities to achieve your goal to have a set of well tested jobs. It is not so much comfortable solved in studio but it works.
Use the trunck branch for developing and create a new branch for integration tests or for production.

Re: SVN on Talend Enterprise

thanks for the straight answer jlolling
it has taken me 3 days to have support team to tell me just that.
i really do not feel comfortable having the whole team, including Junior member to be able to write into the Trunk of projects.
thus i would like to find a way of limiting permissions.
as you clearly pointed out, it has to be done on the SVN server end.
so i have created a couple of groups in SVN:
in the project template:
talendDesigners have permissions:
r/w - on branches
r - on trunk
talendQualityControlers have permissions:
r/w - on branches
r/w - on trunk

talendDesigners contains all of our team members
talendQualityControlers contains a few people with more experience to validate the quality of work
the workflow would be that a designer creates a Talend solution under their own branch, and
talendQualityControlers validate this work and copy into Trunk, if accepted
*apparently* it is possible to duplicate a project in TAC, maintaining all its SVN permissions.
if so it would be a matter of setting up the project template correctly and then managing the SVN groups to support the above idea.
any suggestions, critics?

Re: SVN on Talend Enterprise

i am still working on the SVN permissions setup.
but one things has become clear: duplication of a project in TAC does *not* duplicate a project - it only 'copies' some details/attributes in TAC into an empty project.