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SVN Synchronize Operation Failed

I am getting SVN synchronization operation failed and connection reset error after every 5 minutes. I have increased the SVN timeout also, but still this issue is not resolve. Any help would be appreciated. I am including the screenshot for further reference.

Re: SVN Synchronize Operation Failed

We have integrated SVN in Talend Enterprise Subscription Version. This exception log in SVN is probably caused by talend file.
It suggest you should report a ticket on support portal. Our support colleagues will schedule a webex with you on your issue.
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Re: SVN Synchronize Operation Failed

This is a prospect doing an enterprise eval so not yet eligible for Talend Tech support. They have installed v5.2.2 of the Talend Platform for Enterprise Integration (which includes DI, DQ, ESB, and BPM). During a troubleshooting session yesterday, we found that this popup box is a nuisance but not anything that impacts functionality or performance. Nevertheless, is there anything we can do make it go away in v522 ? Is this issue fixed in v531 ?