SSL Active MQ connection using tMomInput

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SSL Active MQ connection using tMomInput

We are attempting to use tMomInput to connect to an active mq, we are able to connect using the tJMSinput, however when using tMomInput, the code that is generated contains the following
String url_tMomInput_1 = "";
url_tMomInput_1 = "tcp://" + "" + ":"
+ "61625";

So the connection URL is ?tcp:// and 61626(port number) are the parameters I am passing in while tcp:// is actually hard coded into the java code generation by using the tMomInput. We need to connect using SSL to the active MQ, the instead of using, we need to use something like ssl: so in which case the connection URL comes out to:
Which also will not work due to the invalid inclusion of the tcp.
So my question is there some administrative setting that will change this default value from tcp to ssl? Or is there just something else I am not understanding here.
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Re: SSL Active MQ connection using tMomInput

I suggest you to report this issue as a new feature in the Talend DI project of the JIRA bugtracker, our developer will investigate this issue, modify the code and invite your to test the component.
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