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SSIS VS Talend

Hi All,
I am Anand and working as a contractor in T-Mobile. I am using SQL Server for the past five years and we are planning to migrate our current database from SQL Server to MY SQL.
Our team people have started using Talend Open Studio but we are facing some issues.Let me give the example of the scenario:
1.We created a package in Talend using JAVA and we are importing a table(which has 1500000 ROWS with approximately 20 columns most of them are integers) from Oracle to MYSQL using Talend Studio and it took 23 mins.
2.We have the same package in SSIS which is importing more than 15 tables from the same Oracle Server and it is taking only 9 mins everyday.
Am i doing any mistake.Please help me.
Note: Our Testing MYSQL server is having better configurations than and MSSQL Server.


Re: SSIS VS Talend

i have noticed exactly the opposite.
SSIS could not do a certain transformation and Talend did the job in minutes instead of hours.
you do not actually give much in terms of explanation of your jobs.
could you take a screenshot of it and append to this post?
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Re: SSIS VS Talend

Which component are you using for the load? tMysqlBulkExec seems to be much faster than the others.