SQL query on tMap output

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SQL query on tMap output

If i have a job like this:
tOracleInput_1 --> main -->
tOracleInput_2 --> lookUp -->
in tMap i do an INNER JOIN with tables and in the tMap Editor i defined an output called OUT. Now i need to do an SQL query (f.e. a SELECT) in OUT. How can i do? What kind of component i need to connect to the output of tMap?I can't create another table on Database, i can use OUT as a table?How?
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Re: SQL query on tMap output

doing a SELECT for you output OUT means fetching additional informations for each row? If so you should use tFlowToIterate to process a tInput for each row.

Re: SQL query on tMap output

For an update, an insert, or a delete, it's quite easy.
Let's simply continue the flow with a tOracleRow
.... -> tMap -> tOracleRow
Answer is really different and a little more complicate for a select if you wan to get the results back :
.... -> tMap -> tOracleRow -> tParseRecordSet -> ...
In your tMap, add a column named record
In tOracleRow Advanced Setting, check propagate record set (choose the record column)
In tParseRecordSet, reuse the record column

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