SQL Server 2016 doesn't return schema to Talend 6.3.1/6.4.1

Talend Version       6.3, 6.4


SQL Server doesn't return schema to Talend 6.3.1
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Product Talend Data Integration
Component Studio
Problem Description

Current Behavior:

  1. Create a connection to SQL Server 2016 and create a customized schema and a table.

    In this example, the schema is Test_dinesh and has a table within it.

    User: test

    Database: dinesh1



  2. Map the user to the Test_dinesh schema:



  3. In Studio > Metadata, create a SQL Server connection, but do not provide any schema details, mention only the database details shown below:



  4. Try to retrieve the schema from Studio by clicking Next. Because the Schema field is blank, you cannot see the non-system schema (Test_dinesh).



  5. However, if you explicitly enter the schema name while creating the connection, it then displays the non-system schema as well.




This means you have to create a new connection for every non-system schema (n number of creations for n number of schemas).


Expected behavior:

If a connection is created to SQL Server without mentioning any schema and database details, all the schemas associated with that user should be shown.

Problem root cause The behavior is a bug in the product and thus Jira ticket TUP-18804 was submitted to address the issue.
Solution or Workaround

You can resolve this issue by changing the Db Version in Metadata > Db Connections > SQL Server from Microsoft to Open Source JTDS.


JIRA ticket number TUP-18804
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