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SDMX Service Eurostat. How to parse XML file ?


I am quite new with Talend and looking for some help regarding the Eurostat service.

The aim of the project is to extract data from Eurostat via their SDMX web-service.


Following their instructions I managed to get XML files from the following requests on two different datasets  :


Dataset defintion




The problem is now to parse the xml results in Talend. I tried with tXMLMap but do not manage to get the schema being automatically recognized. 
Could someone help me with this first step ?

Thanks in advance


Re: SDMX Service Eurostat. How to parse XML file ?


For your SDMX file, you could try the tFileInputXML and select SAX parsing on the advanced settings. SAX is much quicker than DOM, but you will not be able to use look ahead or look back xpath functions.

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