SDI Source Code

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SDI Source Code

Hi there,
Where can I get SDI Source code?
We would like to add some other functionalities with existing one. I could not able to find below mentioned path..
nothing was found there.
Is there any other path available, so that we can download the same.
Thanks in advance,

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Re: SDI Source Code

Hi Rama,
Indeed the specified link is not available anymore.
Here you will be able to find SVN branches :
Hope this helps,
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Re: SDI Source Code

Hi Mathhieu
I have got some errors while importing data from postgis.
I just tried a simple functionality of converting PostGIS to shapefile, but it's not working properly.
the operations which works with shapefile are fine, but those with postgis throws errors msg.
Is there any solution to this problem...
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Re: SDI Source Code

Hi Rama,
What are your the error messages? Can you explain a little bit more what's the matter?
For information, did you check your sPostgisInput component properties? (ie: did you fill the name of your spatial column? Is the SDI schema of the input component is correctly filled? ...)
For debug, your could try to display loaded data with a tLogRow in Output. The result will be sent to the console.
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Re: SDI Source Code

It's works fine now, but i got error message like this now, is there any limit of string datatype in shapefile?
Starting job pg2shp at 10:55 03/06/2008.
Jun 3, 2008 10:55:24 AM addColumn
WARNING: FieldName description is longer than 10 characters, truncating to descriptio
Jun 3, 2008 10:55:24 AM isAvailable
INFO: DB2 driver found: false
Source CRS is: EPSG:WGS 84 code: WGS 84 authority: European Petroleum Survey Group version: null
Job pg2shp ended at 10:55 03/06/2008.
There are many processing tools missing now like merging of two adjacent features. Is it underdevelopment?
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Re: SDI Source Code

Indeed, the name of the new field when creating new Shapefile, must be less than 10 characters or it gets truncated. It's a Shapefile specification.
Concerning error messages it's only geotools warning, it looks like errors but don't be afraid!
For processing you can use the sDissolver component to merge two adjacent features.
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Re: SDI Source Code

I tried merge operation using sDissolver tool but i have got error like this...

Starting job pg2shp at 13:01 04/06/2008.
Exception in thread "main" java.lang.Error: Unresolved compilation problem:
at my_proj.pg2shp.pg2shp.main(
Job pg2shp ended at 13:01 04/06/2008.

Same error message received when i tried with postgis input too.
What i am doing wrong...

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Re: SDI Source Code

Hi Mathieu,
I'm a student of Geodetic & Geomatics Engineering, Gadjah Mada
University, Indonesia.
I have been working in my final project (minithesis) about 3D spatial
database design for my bachelor's degree.
I am interesting in your presentation
( ? act_id=224)
about user-defined function to create polyhedralsurface & TIN type in
I have installed latest version of PostgreSQL & PostGIS on my windows
successfully. I want to use polyhedron & TIN function, but I think
there are no such functions in my PostGIS.
What should I do so I can use these functions?
Could You give me tutorial to create these functions (especially on
Windows), please?


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