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SDI 4.0.1 screenshot

Can someone post a screenshot of what TOS with the spatial component should look like so that I can know what to look for? I saw a thumbprint on one of the web pages, but it was so small that I cannot make anything out (my aging eyes are probably partly to blame).
Also, can anyone tell me if SDO_GEOMETRY is now supported or in the plans?
thank you,
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Re: SDI 4.0.1 screenshot

Hello Kristi,
Did you had a look to the screenshots, screencasts or tutorial section of the wiki ?
A patch has been made to add SDO_GEOMETRY support, but need integration. It should be available in future release.
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Re: SDI 4.0.1 screenshot

Thank you for these screenshots! They will be a good reference for me.
I will look forward to what happens with SDO_GEOMETRY datatypes in the next release.
In the meantime, is there a possible workaround where I can get SDI to accept SDO_GEOMETRY as input declaring it as some other datatype and then quietly pass it through to the target as is? I'm trying to fake it out by declairing the incoming Geometry column as a CLOB object, but that seems to produce errors. Maybe it is too smart for that.
We can do our Oracle Spatial work outside of the tool, but would like to be able to pass the results through the SDI app for other ETL work.
Is this just not an option right now?