SCD Type - 2 without use of inbuilt components

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SCD Type - 2 without use of inbuilt components


Jus as the earlier post, i m trying scd -2 .

Source Table - dim_emp




Target Table - tgt_dim_emp





As per SCD - 2, the records have to be compared and the updated record must be inserted or updated.

Can anyone help do i achieve in 3 formats - versioning,flagging,effective date

While trying for versioning... i have tried the following approach...

source table ---> tmap ---> target table(inserting all the values in the target table with version as 1).


source table --->             tmap(In Tmap,how do i compare all the values of the table and how do insert the new record)----> target_table

target table(lookup) ---->

Pls do help.

An early repsonse would be appreciated.


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Re: SCD Type - 2 without use of inbuilt components

You could compare each field in Variable expression one by one . If all value not same , output two flows

1) update flow - lookup details with end date and is-active as N
2) insert flow- main flow details with version = version + 1 , effective date as current date time and is-active as Y
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Re: SCD Type - 2 without use of inbuilt components

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