SAX Parser tFileInputXML

Hello I need to use SAX instead of DOM4J because of large files.
Is there any XPATH compatibility list for SAX in Talend? (WITH EXAMPLES PLEASE)
Please providee the SAX alternative XPATH:
Match in DOM4J: "keyValue/value"
Lists in DOM4J: "keyValue/value"
Simple Value in DOM4J: "ID" // the only thing seems to be working in SAX
Is there any way to get the data within tags of the same name? Please remember that I iterate over the list which has a large set of items.
BR Chris
Using TOS6.2.1


Re: SAX Parser tFileInputXML

SAX in tFileInputXML/tFileInputMSXML don't support complex xpath, it can only support very simple xpath.
Could you please post your tfileinputxml component setting screenshot with loop Xpath query and mapping settings into forum?
Best regards
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