SAP RFC_READ_TABLE Length of Selection Criteria

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SAP RFC_READ_TABLE Length of Selection Criteria

I have a list of 1,000+ profit centers contained in a regularly updated file. One of my requirements is to retrieve project information from SAP only where the profit center is a member of that list. I am using RFC_READ_TABLE to retrieve data from the SAP table. My job looks like this so far:
tJava --> tSAPInput --> tFileOutputDelimited
In tJava, I read the file and build the selection criteria string, which looks like "PRCTR = '12345' OR PRCTR = '98765' OR...". I set a context variable to that selection criteria. tSAPInput has its "OPTIONS" table ParameterValue set to context.ProfitCenterCriteria.
After many failures and head scratching I figured out that this method works, until the context variable length grows beyond a certain point. The "OPTIONS" table in RFC_READ_TABLE accepts a string of about 72 characters per row. You must split a single long statement amoung multiple rows. I can't figure out how to split the profit center selection criteria context variable into a form that the "OPTIONS" table will accept. I tried inserting commas in the string where the string should split between rows. I tried inserting line breaks. Nothing works. Is there a way to tell TOS that this string should be divided into multiple table rows?
Just to be clear, if I were to hard code the selection criteria directly in the tSAPInput component it would look like this:
"PRCTR = '12345' OR PRCTR = '98765'", "OR PRCTR = '13335' OR PRCTR = '98885'"
That works because TOS recognizes the comma as a new row. A variable that contains this: ""PRCTR = '12345' OR PRCTR = '98765' OR PRCTR = '13335' OR PRCTR = '98885'" does not work, because it is not being split into multiple rows.

Re: SAP RFC_READ_TABLE Length of Selection Criteria

you might have a better time by trying to modify the component to do what you want--
take a look at the generated code to see exactly what the issue is, and if you find a problem, look here:
Talend components use jet to generate code; look at the begin, main and end .javajet files.
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Re: SAP RFC_READ_TABLE Length of Selection Criteria

I suggest to use tPLSAPInput free component from Talend Exchange ( It has a built in method to split long WHERE conditions into smaller pieces to set properly the OPTIONS table TEXT field.


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