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SAP IDoc Example

We would like to send IDOCs to SAP and I am not able to find any example on how Talend handles the IDOCs.
None exist in TalendIntegrationSuite_Components_RG_41b_EN.pdf or tutorials section. I couldn't find much in this forum too.
Any help on how talend help creating and sending IDOCs to SAP will be appriciated.

PS: We are currently using TIS 4.1.2 but soon migrate to 4.2.x

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Re:SAP IDoc Example

This is a new component, I will talk it to our DOC team and hope it will be documented in next release.
Best regards

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Re: SAP IDoc Example


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Re:SAP IDoc Example

hi showng,
any update on Idoc file. or how to read it