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SAMBA and file transfer

Hi everybody,
My problem is very simple (for the moment) :
- I've got ONE file in shared directory (into a Windows Server)
- After catching the filename and check the format >>
>> I want to put it on another shared directory (into an other Windows Server)
For statistics and error management I want to :
- stop the job if the file does not exists and send by email
- restart the job after error acquittal
- catch the duration time of the copy and send it (with startdate and stopdate) by email
I've been tried the tFileFetch component and the SMB support protocol :
- it's OK for get the file into the source directory
- it's NOT OK for put this into the destination directory (via SMB)
Is somebody have an idea?
Thank's a lot.
ps : I must use (tSambaFileCopy) or not ?