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Runtime Karaf and log

Hi guys.
I'd like to know how to write some log messages in the karaf runtime inside a job used by a Web service.
I've tried to use a tLogRow. It works in my console of the Studio, but not in the Karaf Runtime...
Any idea ?

Re: Runtime Karaf and log

We can support the component tLogrow to write some log messages in the karaf runtime. Maybe something wrong with your job. I need confirm that what service do you use? the talend demo service?or you designed a service by yourself?
If it is the service you have designed, we need the related job screenshots. We doubt that there are something wrong with it which cause the tLogrow ineffective.
Best regards
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Re: Runtime Karaf and log

Hi Sabrina.
Thank you for your response.
The job I've designed is very simple.
I looks like this :

I use the tRunJob to execute a request on a database and I get the result in a tBufferOutput (classical method)
The problem is that all the tWarn I use in the subjob (and which work perfectly in the console of the Studio) don't write anything in the Karaf console...
I use Talend ESB 5.1.2 and I've precised in the tLogcatcher to catch all the exceptions.