Running jobs in sequence

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Running jobs in sequence



I'm new to Talend and have some questions related to the execution of jobs in talend.


1. In my job, I have multiple jobs. My job 2 depends on output of job1 . Example below:

My 'Tfileoutputdelimited_2' is input for out30_new schema.

Does talend also run jobs in sequence, or I have to tell him to run first job and then second subjob



3. also if I have 10 different jobs. can I create a single job that run all the 10jobs in sequence I want it to run.

Everything I have to do click on job1 run it, then go to job2 run it, and click job3 , run it and so on.



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Re: Running jobs in sequence



If you want to keep dependency on subjob use onSubjobOk and link to dependent subjob.



If you want run all jobs in sequence then create new job and add all jobs like below.



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