Running ESB Runtime as a Linux service

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Running ESB Runtime as a Linux service

Could someone advise whether it is possible to run the ESB runtime container as a linux service? Currently we initiate an instance of it by running the script which is found under /usr/local/Talend-ESB-runtime/Talend-Runtime-V5.0.1/bin.
This runs the runtime container as a console as below
______ __ __
/_ __/__ _/ /__ ___ ___/ /
/ / / _ `/ / -_) _ \/ _ /
/_/ \_,_/_/\__/_//_/\_,_/
(version 5.0.1)
Hit '<tab>' for a list of available commands
and ' --help' for help on a specific command.
Hit '<ctrl-d>' or 'osgi:shutdown' to shutdown the TRUN.
We want to have the running of this managed through a service, so we can start/stop it. Does any one have any scripts that enable us to do this?
Richard James
Newcastle University
Employee zbe

Re: Running ESB Runtime as a Linux service

Hello Richard, describes fairly well how to enable Karaf to be used as linux service and how to configure it. The Talend Runtime is based on Karaf so the instructions are also applicable for the runtime. A similar chapter should have been included in our Container Administrator's Guide, but is missing. You might want to file a bug because of this.
Best Regards,
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Re: Running ESB Runtime as a Linux service

Hi Zsolt,
Thanks for the link.
I will raise a bug for it to be including in future documentation as I think it is something that would be useful.
Thanks again,

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