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Run automatic code-reviewer on TJava and TJavaRow

Is there a mean to plug code-reviewer (like SonarQube) on Java code written in TJava and TJavaRow components?
Can we at least find somewhere the .java files generated for the final component?
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Re: Run automatic code-reviewer on TJava and TJavaRow

The tJava and tJavaRow code is generated with all of the other code. If you click on the "Code" tab in the bottom left of the Studio, you will see the state of the generated code. But you have to keep in mind that the components use JET to generate their code. As such it can take a while to figure out what you are seeing. If you want to get a code checking tool to act on this, you can copy and paste it into another file I suppose. But Talend will highlight code that will not compile for you. 
As the code is generated from drag and drop components, it is not going to be terribly elegant. You also cannot change the bulk of it unless you are willing to start creating your own components. That is a great way of learning how the system works, but there is little point refactoring supplied component code.
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