Run a previously built job

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Run a previously built job


Is there a way to run a job in talend without building it? Let me clarify what I am trying to say.

I have multiple jobs and talend takes around 30-45 minutes to just build them. So if I don't make any changes to the job and run it again, it again builds the job and runs it. So my question is that if no changes have been made to job, is there a way to fasten the building process or remove it altogether and run the job?



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Re: Run a previously built job

Hi Abdul,

It is better to have different Main jobs instead of putting many sub jobs
together. For example , currently if your Main job contains 15 subjobs ,
you can split this single main job into multiple main jobs(say 3 Main jobs
each containing 5 sub jobs) and streamline the Main jobs in TAC execution
based on the logic.(On success / and On Parallel).