Row struct cannot be resolved as a type

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Row struct cannot be resolved as a type

In my job, I have 2 tMysqlInpu, a tmap, a sort row and 2 aggregate sorted row.
My error is:
Error in the component's properties:row2Struct cannot be resolved to a type
row2Struct cannot be resolved to a type

There are 2 weird things:
the error does not appear when I desactivate the tsortRow and the 2 taggregateSortedRow.
When the error occures, some times there is no component highlighted in red some times only the tmap is highlighted, some times the tmysqlinput named "Scope" is too.

I uploaded 3 images:
Pict1: Errors with component highlighted.
Pict2: I have an error but no component is highlighted in red.
Pict3: No error, confirmed by the rows number on each links.

As I did not found any related topic on the forum, is this a new problem?
I also give you the first lines where the error occures:

org.talend.designer.components.lookup.memory.AdvancedMemoryLookup<row2Struct> tHash_Lookup_row2 = (org.talend.designer.components.lookup.memory.AdvancedMemoryLookup<row2Struct>)
globalMap.get( "tHash_Lookup_row2" ))


row2Struct row2HashKey = new row2Struct();
row2Struct row2Default = new row2Struct();

I highlighted in red the underlined errors.
I would really like to create this row2Struct class manually, but I thik it is the tmysqlInput to do so...
Thank you for your help. Obviously, do not hesitate if more information might help...
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Re: Row struct cannot be resolved as a type

Which version of TOS do you use? I try to create a similar job on TOS3.2.1 and it does not have the problem.
Can you export your job and send it to me?
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