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Return value

My Talend job is executed by Nagios, i would like to return a value generated by a tJava component at the end of the execution.
I've heard about the tBufferOutput but how can i link it with the tJava ?
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Re: Return value

On tJava, put the return value to a global var, eg: globalMap.put("value",value).
On the next subJob, using tFixedFlowInput to generate this value and link it to tBufferOutput. eg:
On tFixedFlowInput, only generate one row, define one filed, set the value as; (String)globalMap.get("value")
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Re: Return value

Hi ,

if we .sh file is returning some value if we run .sh file will it be shown in terminal or command promt?


Re: Return value

Hello himateja,

For debug, you can add some tLogRow components in the job to print the data on the console. Add this word "pause" at the end line of job script(.bat or .sh), to see the message printed on the command promt before the window closes.

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