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Retrieve Schema from Teradata

I am trying to set up the retrieval of data and need the schema information of a particular view. You can see from the screen shot it is returning 0 columns from the view but labeling it as sucess.
When I try to finish the schema retrieval, it does not bring the meta data back. Is there a workaround or a solution for this.
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Re: Retrieve Schema from Teradata

I just changed from teradata db in the db dropdown list to generic odbc and pointed to the teradata odbc driver on the machine and it worked!

Re: Retrieve Schema from Teradata

I add some new information in the following BugTrack.
It occurs when your table or view have a CHAR datatype column.
I have found that the metadata_Teradata.xml missed the CHAR datatype; you can easily update it in the Talend preferences.
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