Retrieve Schema from Teradata

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Retrieve Schema from Teradata

When retrieving a teradata Table schema, Talend seems to scramble the native ordering of the schema.  I have also noticed it also references some very oddly named one or two character data types which I am not aware of existing in teradata.    For example  I and VC.  The I is probably an integer but there are numerous others that dont make logical sense.


I tried this with the latest driver available under both teradata versions 15.10 and 16.20.


Has anyone else seen these issues?

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Re: Retrieve Schema from Teradata

I havnt seen Talend "scramble" the schema columns in the past -- what version of talend are you working with?


While I cant help with the first part of your question, you can change the teradata datatype mappings if the defaults are not to your liking.


To change the datatype mappings, go to Window->Preferences, then navigate to Talend->Specific Settings->Metadata of TalendType

Here, you should see a list of XML files, one for each database type:




Hit Edit and open that XML up. There you will find two mappings defined:

talendToDbTypes -- These will be used when mapping java datatypes to database datatypes

dbToTalendTypes -- These will be used when mapping database datatypes to java datatypes -- you'll want to change the mappings here to change what Retrieve Schema maps columns to. 



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Re: Retrieve Schema from Teradata


I am using talend Real-Time Big Data Platform 6.5


Re: Retrieve Schema from Teradata


Could you please show us your trouble screenshots about this kind of "scramble" issue?

Please refer to this online documentation about:TalendHelpCenterSmiley Frustratedupported systems, databases and business applications by Talend components to see if you are on a supported database platform.

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