Restart job after tsleep

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Restart job after tsleep

Hi ,


I have a tlist folder I am reading from which has 3 iterations. Iteraration1(Order1) and Iteration2(Order2). Order1 looks for a specific file in the directory, if the file is not found sleeps for 2hours(tsleep). After it  sleeps for 2hours, I want to re-start from re-reading the tFileList and go to Iteration1 again and look for the file. The problem ow is I cant figure out a way to connect my tsleep to tfilelist. I have attached screenshot. Will my problem be solved if I used a "tWaitforFile" instead? My file name is stored in a column in tlogRow, how will I assign that column's value to FileName in file watcher?


You help id greatly appreciated. I am very new to Talend. 


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Re: Restart job after tsleep

You can start Job from:

  • tLoop
  • tInfiniteLoop

and finish with tSleep


... or You could just setup Job schedule - cron, windows scheduled, what ever You like Smiley Happy