Restart ability in Talend non TAC environment

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Restart ability in Talend non TAC environment

In my Environment we do not have TAC. We need to build the jobs in TOS 5.6 and then deploy it in AIX machines. I have a questions on Restartability. Sorry in advance if I am duplicating the post.
For a very generic scenario like the following could you please let me know how to achieve restatability.
       I.                             In a Talend job there are 2 tables to be loaded in separate phase. Now First table gets loaded and it fails while loading 2nd               table. We need
a.      Either the first table to roll back and remove all the rows.
b.      Or when we restart the job it should start the loading of second table.

Scenario 2:       In a Talend job there I am loading 2Million rows. Now job fails after 1.9 Million. I need to restart the job so that it only loads remaining 10K. Not deleting 1.9 Million.

Please help.
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Re: Restart ability in Talend non TAC environment

One way to do this would be to have a table which holds "start" and "stop" times (as well as other relevant data) for each process. Whenever a job starts, you would check this table to see whether it had started and not completed. In which case, you would carry out a roll back or check to see how much data had been loaded (you choose).