Reset Job Version to 0.1

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Reset Job Version to 0.1

I have created a job and made multiple versions. Currently, it stands at V3.4
Is there any way I can "reset" the version to v0.1 (of current version V3.4) and start forward from there? 
In my application code, I have called the Talend Job with 0.1 in the import. So, anytime I make a new version, I will need to update the same which will not be nice to our release team.
Any pointers?

Re: Reset Job Version to 0.1

Talend versions are a pain in the butt. I never use them myself and caution people against them for exactly this reason.
To "reset" the version number you'll need to do some surgery. Take a backup of your project before you proceed.  That part is really important, so let me say it again: TAKE A BACKUP OF YOUR PROJECT BEFORE YOU DO THIS.
To reset the version number, you'll need to fix the source files to point themselves back at version 0.1

Open your project folder inside your workspace. in my example its here: <Talend>/workspace/TESTO
navigate to the "process" folder inside your project. This is where all the job files are stored.
Locate the job you want to reset the version for. You should see 2 files for each version of your job, a .item and .properties (screenshot) 
Delete all but the most recent version of the .items and .properties files (screenshot)
Rename these to version 0.1 (screenshot)
Open the .properties file for your job. Look for the following strings and set them back to 0.1. In my example I'm resetting a job at version 0.2 back to 0.1 (screenshot highlighting parts to change)
  <TalendProperties:Property xmi:id="_rC610KWVEeSYNdnMibThpg" id="_rC3ygKWVEeSYNdnMibThpg" label="version_test" creationDate="2015-01-26T15:08:33.750-0500" modificationDate="2015-01-26T15:08:33.750-0500" version="0.1" (...)

and farther below set the following to point at the correct (now that we've renamed them) .item file:

   <process href="version_test_0.1.item#/"/>

Restart Talend and your job should show up as V 0.1 if anything breaks, I sure hope you took a backup Smiley Happy

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Re: Reset Job Version to 0.1

Thank you for such a detailed reply, JohnGarrettMartin . I will try this out this week and see how it comes up!


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