Reporting with Talend

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Reporting with Talend

Hi all,
I'd like to know whether Talend Open Source 2.0 provides a native reporting functionality?
If so, how to proceed?
I need to leverage data from various tables of my Oracle DB and group them into an EXCEL file.
Thanks for your help.
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Re: Reporting with Talend

There is no native reporting functionality in Talend Open Studio as such, but you can connect from TOS to any reporting solution.
Also the Jasper BI suite includes all in one: JasperETL (OEM version of Talend Open Studio) that can address your leveraging needs and Jasper Report that can address your reporting needs...
On the other hand, with regard to your leverage question, Talend Open Studio (or JasperETL) is the perfect tool to retrieve data from heterogeneous sources and gather these (with or without filtering or transformation) into any target (file, DB or else). This is the typical job you can perform in Talend Open Studio.
Why not starting with the Demo project (click Import Demo on TOS login window) to get familiar with tMap, tDBOracleInput and tFileOutputExcel... for a start...
and what about reading bits and pieces of Talend Open Studio User Guide, which is free for download here and available in English AND in French!

But if you still require some help to implement your job, don't hesitate to get back to us!
And if you have particular requirements, check out the Services.
Many thanks,