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Replace old jar files in Talend 4.1.3

How to replace the old jar files Talend Integration Suite - Enterprise Edition. I need to use the updated JAR version for HL7 in the job, but Talend showing compilation error "missing class". I tried to copy the latest version to the following paths, but still i am not able to run the job.
1. E:\Talend\TIS_EE-All-r62258-V4.1.3\lib\java\
2. E:\Talend\TIS_EE-All-r62258-V4.1.3\plugins\org.talend.designer.components.localprovider_4.1.3.r62258\components\tHL7Input

Re: Replace old jar files in Talend 4.1.3

Maybe the jar is not refreshed, try to delete the component cache file and restart Talend Studio, to do:
1. Go to <Talend Studio installation path>/configuration/ then delete the file ComponentsCache.javacache.
2. Restart Talend Studio, the file ComponentsCache.javacache" file will be created again.
The build version 4.1.3 is very old. It suggest you should upgrade it.
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Re: Replace old jar files in Talend 4.1.3

Hello Sabrina,
Thank you for your suggestion, it solved the issue.