Replace N/A with integer

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Replace N/A with integer

Hello Team,


I have a excel file like :


IDNameProjectID ProjectName


I am creating dimension table out of it for Project details through SCD component , projectid should be integer there but i am getting error as we have 'N/A' in the column. 


I tried tFilterRow component and expressions in tmap to replace N/A with integer but it dint work.


Basically entry in destination database should be :


ProjectID ProjectName



Arvind Jha

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Re: Replace N/A with integer


What happens when you open the file in Excel?

Do you have a "N/A" - which means you have the cell is a string - or do you have '#N/A' - which means a formula is used in this cell but returns an error?

On the Talend side, how did you try to filter undesirable lines?

Using tFilterRow:



or using tMap:



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Re: Replace N/A with integer

What error are you getting? I assume it is an error indicating that the column type is not Integer. If that is the case you will have to treat the column as a String, check to see if the value can be converted to an integer and then deal with filtering using that logic. Casting between String to Integer is pretty easy.

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Re: Replace N/A with integer

Thanks for the response.


Actually what i observed was in source we have Data type as String[N/A] and at destination database it is integer.


So tfilterRow doesn't work as column still remains string so i converted to integer using (Integer.parseInt()) , then passed it onto database .The same was accomplished using tmap.


So even if there was no N/A and source data type would have been string i would have to parse it.

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Re: Replace N/A with integer

It got resolved through casting