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Reject link in tFileinputExcel



Just trying to understand the exact use of Reject link for tFileinputExcel.

what should be the basic setup to get the rejected records and where to that setup in the component settings.

No matter what I do, I always get 0 records in reject link.

please advise with a practical scenario

thanks in advance! 

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Re: Reject link in tFileinputExcel

@param123,check the below link , that you will understand the rejection from Excel file.

Manohar B
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Re: Reject link in tFileinputExcel


thanks for your response. i have seen the post before posting this query here, but even there it is connected to some other components to reject the data but there has been no explanation how the main and reject link will actually get the data.


will Talend automatically checks for junk data and pass that to reject link?


Re: Reject link in tFileinputExcel


This reject row connection gathers the data that does NOT match the filter or are not valid for the expected output. This connection allows you to track the data that could not be processed for any reason (wrong type, undefined null value, etc.)

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Re: Reject link in tFileinputExcel

Hi xdshi,
Thanks for your response
So basically what you say is reject link captures the data anamolies.

So there is no need to setup anything??
And there is no way to check what exactly it is going to reject?

If possible can you please explain with an example data and screenshot?
Thanks in advance